Continuing Part Two: DEVELOPING: Walter Scott Shooting: Enhanced Video Shows Officer Slager Was Shot With Taser Darts

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However, the wire is also still hung up on the foot/leg area of Scott as he runs away.  You can see the Taser cartridge bouncing along behind him.

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An argument can be made, and would be supported by factual evidence, that Officer Slager didn’t know Scott was not in possession of the trigger assembly.  Slager now focused on using his firearm – this is all happening in microseconds.

How dramatically this information changes the position or perspectives of the people who are holding opinion is most likely based on the ideology/bias of the observer.

Does the paradigm shift all the way to justification?  Not sure – that’s not our forte’.

However, weighing all of this against a charge of murder, and considering it presented before a jury…. well, at least to us, at the very least, this presents ‘very reasonable’ doubt.

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Walter Scott - Feidin Santana

Video eye-witness Feidin Santana with his attorney Todd Rutherford visit with the family of Walter Scott and their attorney Chris Stewart – Friday 4/10/15.

[…]  “The family’s legal team was gathering evidence for a civil federal lawsuit. “A civil lawsuit can’t bring him back to life,” Mr. Stewart said of Mr. Scott, “but it provides for the future, which would be his children”  (link)

The youngest child of Mr. Scott is 16 and the older three are in their 20’s.   That’s a fact you will see largely ignored by the MSM.  However, perhaps Mr. Scott in death will do for his children what he chose not to do in life.

[…]  “He (Feidin Santana) kept recording as the officer struck Mr. Scott and put a stun gun to Mr. Scott’s side, then as Mr. Scott slipped away”.. (link)

“Slipped away”?  “A Tussle”?  What’s next, a pillow fight? And then there is this little nugget:

[…]  “He (Feidin Santana) checked Facebook to see if he knew anyone in common with the family, and found that they shared some friends. He asked one of those friends to make an unusual introduction. He showed the video to the Scott family on Sunday and turned it over to state investigators on Monday”…. (link)

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