[VIDEO] KARMA: ISIS Militants Car Sent Flying Into The Sky, Watch It Explode in MID AIR!



And just as the vehicle begins to hurtle to the ground, it is engulfed by a fireball – caused by either the explosives packed on the vehicle, or the fuel tank.

The resulting debris can then be seen disappearing into the huge cloud of smoke emerging from the explosion on the ground.

ISIS suicide bomber's car explodes in mid air after being blasted into the sky
(Picture: LiveLeak)

The stark footage is the latest in a series of videos released by Kurdish forces which show ISIS desperately failing in their attempts to launch attacks in Iraq.

In the videos, hapless IS fighters are seen being mortally injured or killed by faulty machine guns and backfiring rocket launchers.

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But Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has still warned that the country needs more support from the international community to battle against the Islamic State.

Speaking ahead of his first official visit to Washington, he said: ‘We can finish Daesh, and we can stop their advance in other countries’.

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