Man Makes $20,000 In Counterfeit Money, But It Was What He Posted Online That Got Him Busted

His ability to make realistic counterfeit money may have been impressive, but his logical thinking was not.

Merritt Island resident Tony Torbert, 20, was arrested after he posted an ad on Craigslist offering up his skills to create “legit counterfeit $$.”

“Serious customers only contact me,” he added, stating that he’d wouldn’t accept anything smaller than $1,500 for $5,000 in fake bills.

Unsurprisingly, police soon showed up at the businesses man’s house, where he kindly told them, “I’m going to go ahead and make it easy on you guys. The printer is in my bedroom.”

The authorities found an HP printer Torbert used to create fake 20s.

He had printed $20,000 over the last few months.

Court documents also noted that an undercover cop had bought fake bills, black tar heroin and marijuana across from Torbert’s home, in a church parking lot.


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