[PHOTO] Here is the note that was left with $40 cash on a Deployed Marine Girlfriends car In Missouri!

Wow, I am lost for words. Came out of the gas station in Hillsboro and I find this under my windshield wiper. I couldn’t be anymore thankful! God bless this person, we need more people like this in the world.
It says- “To woman w/white Pontiac Grand am, I saw your car stickers that said you have a marine, I also saw your message that said he’d be home soon. Been there, done that. Tell your man there are people who are thankful for him. Here’s $40, take him some where special. God Bless. -Anonymous”
I’m just speechless! I am so super excited to see my sweetheart! Feel free to share, I would love to reach this to the person who did this and thank them



Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 3.10.56 PM


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