NOLA PD: Boy, 11, Arrested After Armed Robbery of Man Walking His Dog

New Orleans police said they arrested an 11-year-old bandit Wednesday morning after the boy armed with a realistic-looking BB gun robbed a pedestrian in the Carrollton area.

Police said the boy pulled the gun and robbed a man who was out walking his dog near the corner of Forshey and Short streets around 7:45 a.m.

Beretta Elite BB Pistol

The boy, who had his face covered his with a gray sweatshirt, asked the man for directions, and then asked for money, police said. The man gave the boy directions, police said, and the boy pulled a gun form his waistband when the man said he didn’t have any money.

The young suspect demanded the man empty his pockets. Police said the man disarmed the boy, who then fled on foot.

The man called police from the Magnolia Discount gas station on South Carrollton Avenue, one block from where the robbery occurred.

Because of the juvenile’s age, his identity was not revealed by police.

In Wednesday’s robbery, Noel told the department’s command staff, the BB gun brandished by the boy appeared frighteningly realistic.

“It looks like those old Berettas we used to carry,” he said. “If you look at it, it looks exactly like a real gun.”

Source: NOLA

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