[Watch] Man Charges Police With Knife, Gets Shot and Killed Causing More Protests…

Man charging police with knife shot and killed overnight


The first officers on the scene tried to get the man to come out of the home and talk to them, but were unsuccessful. At 10:30pm, the situation was declared to be an armed barricaded subject and help was requested from the Tactical Operations Unit.

After another hour of negotiations, McCarroll emerged from the home with a Bible in one hand and knife in the other.  Tactical officers began giving loud verbal commands to him, asking him to put the knife down and come speak to officers.  McCarroll did not comply continued to approach police.  Officers fired a rubber bullet and struck him in the leg. They had hoped to shock him into stopping his advance, but he continued to close in on two officers, knife still in hand.  St. Louis County Police say that that is when the officers shot the subject multiple times.

A tactical medic began life saving measures but McCarroll died at the scene.

Several Tactical Operations Officers were wearing body cameras during the incident, and St. Louis County Police have released that video on YouTube.

In July 2014, police were also called about an incident involving McCarroll being in mental distress. In that incident, he was able to be subdued and taken in for professional treatment.

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