[VIDEO] HAPPENING NOW Police Standoff in Ferguson, Mo (Scanner Added)

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A call for a possible shooting has resulted in a standoff outside a Ferguson home.

According to Jeff Small, a spokesperson for the Ferguson Police Department, a call came out for a possible shooting in the 420 block of Warford around 12:30 p.m. Small said authorities found blood at the scene but could not confirm any injuries.

Authorities said the shooting call resulted in a standoff with police.

Small said the Ferguson Police Department has requested a tactical unit.

Stay tuned with News 4 and KMOV.com for the latest on this developing news.





Click the pic for pop out Scanner


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Standoff in Ferguson on Waterford Avenue is live

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Blood and boots are in the street

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420 Warford 63135

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Ferguson standoff in progress on Waterford Avenue across from January Wabash park 63135

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There is a temp now to do evacuations

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Standoff in a house in Ferguson on Warford Avenue its across from January Wabash park

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This is Real standoff in Ferguson on Warford!

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The call for st. Louis County tactical team has been made

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Standoff is real and Ferguson Warford Avenue. Now!

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Standoff Ferguson Warford Avenue 63135

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, standoff in Ferguson 63135 Warford Avenue

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Ferguson now!

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Ferguson now!

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Ferguson now!

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