Convicted Rapist Cries For His Mother After Judge Hands Down Prison Term

James McGuigan, 42

James McGuigan, 42, cried for his mother when Judge Simon Jack found him guilty of raping a woman and sentenced him to serve 8 years in prison and one year for the assault, to run concurrently. McGuigan was also ordered to register as a sex offender.

McGuigan maintained his innocence throughout the trial, but was ultimately convicted of rape and assault causing bodily harm.

James McGuigan, 42
James McGuigan, 42

The court heard that McGuigan attacked the victim and struck her on the head. He then grabbed her face and called her bad names.

McGuigan performed a sex act before raping the woman as she cried.

At the end of the attack, he put his hands around her neck and choked her to the point that she could not breath. McGuigan took the woman’s cellphone and told her that nobody liked her.

He then continued to be abusive and threatened to kill the woman if she called police.

The woman went to her mother’s house. The bruises and swelling on the face was very obvious, so she told her mother about the assault, but not about the rape.

The police were called and she only reported the assault.  McGuigan was arrested and interviewed, but denied the use of violence. He said the victim fell and hit her head.

The court heard that the woman reported the rape when she was sent to prison for unrelated issues.

The woman told police that she did not report the rape because she feared for her life. However, she said that in prison, she felt safe enough to report the rape.

McGuigan had 19 previous court appearances for 62 offenses, mainly for dishonesty and drugs.

He was previously jailed for 70 months for possession of heroin with intent to supply, and was on probation for that crime when he attacked the woman.

Defense attorney Emma Bennett said that McGuigan, was suffering from depression, anxiety and stress and was taking medication for insomnia when he committed the crimes.

When the jury at the Hull Crown Court returned the verdict, McGuigan sobbed and turned to his mother in the public gallery and said: “I’m not going to cope, Mom. What am I going to do?”

Perhaps the scumbag should’ve considered that before raping the woman. Let’s hope his fellow inmates finish him off.

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