[VIDEO] ‘F*ck You! F*ck That! F*ck CNN!’ Baltimore Protester Grabs Mic Live on CNN

CNN’s Miguel Marquez is reported from Baltimore on Tuesday night, covering community reactions to the death of Freddie Gray in police custody. Marquez tweeted out just how big the protest has become:




Click HERE for LIVE Protest Video Feed or Click the Photo Below:


[WATCH] Gray Family Attorney Offended After Police Compares Protesters to “Lynch Mob”


The Baltimore police suspended six officers involved and pledged an investigation into the circumstances of Gray’s death (the autopsy said he died of a spinal cord injury).

Marquez walked amongst the protesters to explain what was going on, but one of them grabbed the mic in his hands and started dropping f-bombs all over the place. And while it’s hard to make out some of what he says, he very clearly points to Marquez and shouts, “Fuck you!”

He continues, “Fuck that! Straight up! Fuck CNN!”

Watch the video below, via CNN:



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