[WATCH] Police Need Your Help to Identify The Heartless Scumbag Who Stole 4-Year-Old’s Wheelchair

There’s a cold-hearted scumbag running the streets of Prince George’s County, Md. and police need your help tracking down this alleged wheelchair snatcher.

Over the weekend, police released this surveillance video of a suspect stealing a 4-year-old little boy’s wheelchair. According to a press release, he incident went down inside an apartment building in Langley Park.

wheelchair thiefIf you watch the video closely,  you’ll observe the thief pushing the empty wheelchair through the parking lot. Authorities say the chair belongs to a boy named Joshua and his mom left the chair in the lobby of their complex on Merrimac Drive.


The reason it was left downstairs is because she said it’s easier to carry her son up the stairs without the chair. She then goes back downstairs to retrieve his chair but when she went down to retrieve it last Monday, she discovered that it had been stolen.

“He doesn’t have a heart. He knew what he was doing taking a wheelchair. Not only from a handicapped person, but a handicapped child,” Capt. Ken Humbel of the Prince George’s County Police department said about the suspect,

If there is any silver lining in this story, it’s the good nature of Nikisha Marshall of College Park.


According to NBC 4, Nikisha and her 11-year-old son Emmanuel stepped up to the plate to help Josh and his mom, Brenda Romero. Out of pure kindness, the family donated a wheelchair that did not fit Emmanuel anymore.

Brenda said, “Bless her and her family. Thank you, Emmanuel, for giving Joshua your wheelchair. He’s happy to use it.”

Captain Humbel went on to say, “This family already faces challenges and shouldn’t be burdened with the emotional and financial stress of the theft of this wheelchair.”

If you know anything about this case, please call authorities: 301-699-2601

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