[WATCH] Man Threatens To “Shoot Up” Burger King For Not Serving Him Breakfast

Gary Kuhn, 55
Gary Kuhn, 55

Gary Kuhn, 55, referenced the Michael Douglas movie “Falling Down,” when he was told breakfast hours were over. In the film, Douglas’ character, William Foster, threatens fast-food workers with a gun when he was told breakfast ended two minutes earlier.

WFSB obtained the 911 call as the store manager says Kuhn “threatened to shoot up the Burger King.”

She goes on to tell the dispatcher, “customers were concerned because it’s church day and there’s a lot of children.”

Police were called and arrested Kuhn without incident. KMBC News reports Kuhn is being held on a $10,000 bond for threatening and breach of peace.
WFSB 3 Connecticut

Cops say Kuhn was not armed.

In the movie, Foster terrorizes patrons and points his gun at store employees as he rants. Then, he changes his mind and decides he’d rather have lunch and orders a “double Whammy Burger with cheese and an order of Whammy fries.”

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