[VIDEO] New ‘Fashion’ Trend Inspired by a Jenner, Now Sweeping Through Teen Circles Some leaving Scarring and Injury

Kylie Jenner — that’s the youngest of Kris Jenner’s brood, the one who isn’t the famous model — must be stopped. And not because she insists upon calling the Coachella Music Festival simply “Chella” — although I insist we do not encourage it — and is both dating a man, Tyga, and wearing clothes that are perhaps, nay, definitely inappropriate for a barely 17-year-old girl. No, Kylie Jenner must be stopped because she is inspiring both teenagers and grown ass adults to do horrifying things to their mouths in pursuit of her bee-stung lips. Instead of working magic on their kissers with an array of nude lipsticks and liners, like our own Megan and other normal people with respect for what God gave them, many participants in the #KylieJennerChallenge — for which the “winner,” if there is one, gets nothing — are going to extreme lengths to plump their pouts. Specifically placing their lips into shot glasses and water bottles and sucking, creating a vacuum which causes the lips to inflate. Cool physics experiment and all, except that doing this for extended periods of time causes extreme swelling, leading some people to actually have to go to the goddamn hospital. I mean, yeah, this is one way to achieve the Kylie Jenner look without fillers, but do you really want to have to explain this to your mom, or boss, or doctor?

Or this?

I mean, I’m actually crying from secondhand pain:


I’m sorry, but the decline of civilization is in full swing and you needed to know. Kylie Jenner, her lips and their influence on the dumbest among us must be stopped.


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