[PHOTOS] These 40 Kids Received Detention Slips And Don’t Regret A Thing

There’s a reason that I and many other people don’t have kids. Most of that reason has to do with my mother telling me as I grew up, that she couldn’t wait for me to have kids because payback was going to be brutal, and the whole “reap what you sow” thing.

I’ve always been quite a bit of a smart ass, if you can believe that (I know, right). My mouth and antics resulted in plenty of swats and detention while I was in school. So, while reading these 40 detention slips, I couldn’t help but think that the humor would probably be lost on a lot of so called normal people. But for the rest of who appreciate sarcasm as a truly great art form, enjoy!

1. Bad Drawing: Well, this one I can understand the detention.


2. The Bible Thumper: I’ve seen and heard about a lot of things being used as weapons. Using a bible to pound your religious declarations into the heads of your classmates may be a little overzealous.


3. Booty Hole: Perhaps choir would be a better choice than guitar class for this student. Apparently singing is what he really wants to do.


4. Cat Pictures: They’re just looking at cat pictures, it’s not like they’re smacking anyone with a bible.


5. Come At Me Bro: I’ve never understood this one. Why are you trying to fight someone you’re calling ‘BRO’?


6. Cotton Headed Ninny Muffin: I have no idea what that even means, so I looked it up. Idiot, dumbass, or inferior toymaker… Well, I guess this teacher prides himself on his toy making abilities and was overwhelmingly offended.


7. Crop Duster: Yeah, I know crop dusting isn’t the same thing. But calling this one fart-face just seemed a little too forward.


8. Disregard For Authority: Disregard the fact that the student was right and the teacher is obviously a pompous asshat.


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