[VIDEO] SHOCKING: Man Hacks Young Woman’s WebCam Records Her Every Move Even The Most Intimate of Moments….

Anyone who has a computer has used its camera at least once, maybe to call an old friend or to take a quick selfie. This girl was no exception.

But after one call to her mom, a strange thing happened. The webcam on her computer didn’t turn off. Ever.

Of course, she didn’t know that.

Until her computer started acting really weird, making random sounds and blasting music in the middle of the night. Sadly, it was just the beginning…

These gifs are just snapshots from a ZBro

These gifs are just snapshots from a ZBros Productions short film called “Webcam,” but wait until you write it off for artistic interpretation. The film is actually based on very true, harrowing events.Back in 2010, police arrested a 31-year-old Californian man for hacking into young women’s computers and spying on them.According to FBI, the hacker “used malicious code to infect and control the computers of his victims.” He would search and download explicit images, then use them to manipulate the women and get more material.The producers behind “Webcam,” which was shot entirely on a computer’s camera, recreated the story in hopes that “it will make people think more about the technology that [they] use every day.”

Watch the full video below and be sure to have something to cover up your computer’s webcam. (Believe us, you will want to do that.)


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