[WATCH] Attacker Stabs Girlfiend, Then Boyfriend Knocks Out Attacker With One Punch



We take you to Pasadena, California where a horrible situation was quickly thwarted when a quick-fisted boyfriend defended his girlfriend from a nasty attack.

Cell phone footage caught the very moment when an assailant chased after a couple stemming from an altercation at an AM-Pm store. The suspect allegedly kicked the door of the twosome’s car.

When the couple confronted the man he stabbed the girl with a pocket knife. The protective boyfriend immediately leaped into action and in one mighty punch he knocked out the deranged man. He fell right to the asphalt and was out cold for several minutes.

Pasadena police soon arrived and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon.

This coward who attacks women with knives got exactly what he deserved.

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