Disturbing Footage Shows Nursery Worker Force-Feeding Toddler, Smothering Baby With Blanket (Video)


Disturbing footage showed a nursery worker in Spain force-feeding and smothering toddlers to try and get them to sleep.

The worker, identified as Esther S. B., was caught on camera throwing around a toddler and attempting to hold it down to force-feed it. The child was seen struggling to break free from the worker, but she managed to kneel on its stomach to force the food in its mouth in front of the other children.

Later in the video, Esther was seen trying to get another child to sleep. With the toddler in one arm, Esther placed a cot down on the floor and laid the baby on top, covering it with a blanket. The baby struggled out from under the blanket, but Esther returned a short time later and smothered it again. Another woman was seen conversing with Esther while she held the blanket on top of the child.

The disturbing footage, captured in 2011, was released this week after Esther was sentenced to four years in prison and forced to pay $99,189 in compensation to the families of the two abused children. The woman who was seen conversing with Esther was also convicted of acting as an accomplice for not putting a stop to the abuse. She was sentenced to 11 months in prison.

Watch the shocking video below.

Sources: Daily MailYouTube

Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

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