[WATCH] When this man would’t give this woman a cigarette; she set his car on fire!


When a smoker is fiending for a cigarette — watch out. While most nicotine addicted people get irritable when they can’t light up, some get downright violent.

An Israeli man was just trying to fill his tank at a Jerusalem gas station when a woman walked up and asked to bum a smoke. When he declined, she took immediate retribution.

As you can in the security camera footage, she first tried to casually walk away, but then turned and reached toward the fuel pump in the man’s car. In an instant, flames erupted from the gas tank, and she fled.

That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

The man foolishly grabbed the fuel pump’s handle and yanked it out of the gas tank before he trying to run to safety.

According to reports, the as-yet-unidentified woman was quickly subdued by police and arrested. The petrol station employees were able to quickly douse the flames. Surprisingly, no one was hurt. Not surprisingly, the woman pleaded not guilty to the crime.

Here’s the astonishing security camera video:

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Woman sets gas station on fire when guy won’t give her a cigarette (The Daily Dot)

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