[WATCH] Quick-Thinking Woman Uses Pizza Hut App to Get Out of Hostage Situation

Screen-Shot-2015-05-06-at-12.36.17-PMThere are plenty of dedicated apps for women who are trying to get out of domestic abuse situations, but in a pinch, a pizza delivery app will do as well.

When a Pizza Hut in Florida received an online order from frequent customer Cheryl Treadway, they noticed that she’d added a few special requests: “Please help. Get 911 to me,” as well as “”911hostage help!”

Immediately, the Pizza Hut staff alerted local police, who found Treadway and her three children being held hostage by Ethan Nickerson, the children’s father, wielding a knife and high on narcotics. According to the police report, she convinced Nickerson to let her order a pizza on her phone, and after she placed the order, he quickly snatched the phone back.

Nickerson was soon arrested after law enforcement arrived, and thanks to a quick-witted woman and an app’s comments section, everyone was safe.

Watch below via WTSP:


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