[PHOTO] Here’s The Arkansas Billboard That Has Local Citizens Outraged

The billboard includes a picture of a little girl with a puppy and the message, “It’s NOT racist to ♥ your people.”

Also included is the phrase “love lives here” and the website WhitePrideRadio.com. The programming schedule includes old-time radio shows like “The Lone Ranger,” along with religious and talk shows focusing on “white perspective.”


According to KRMG, the site explains the billboard and the radio show saying, “many people throughout the country have contacted us expressing interest in a radio format for the whole family. Therefore, this is one more edition to the efforts of our non-profit organization to reach and encourage our people.”

It adds, “you can help spread the word of white revival by donating to the billboard project.”

Included are links to Klu Klux Klan sites, and KKKradio.com.

Russelville, Arkansas Mayor Randy Horton told KFSM some people believe the message has “a racist tone to many who have seen it.”

“The implication of this content, in my opinion, inaccurately depicts the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of the citizens in Russellville,” Horton commented. “To my knowledge, no member of the City Council has ever expressed thoughts that support this message.”

Like it or not, Horton confirmed there isn’t anything elected officials can do.

“Due to first amendment protections, the city has no control or oversight of the content of private advertising,” he said. “But we can condemn intolerant, divisive, racist thoughts. As the mayor of Russellville, I hereby do so,” Horton concluded.

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