See the Viral Pics of The Sandwich The Mans Wife Made Him After He Commanded Her…. (STRONG LANGUAGE)



After Texas man Andrew Park “jokingly commanded” his wife Koa to make him a sandwich, she decided to get back at him with some choice words written in mustard.


Park told The Huffington Post that after asking for a sandwich, his wife of five years replied with a suspicious, “Oh, okay!”

She then returned and placed the sandwich on his desk in an “over-the-top, housewife-caricature type of way” and walked off.

“I looked down and started to laugh and proceeded to ask why there weren’t any chips,” Park said.

Koa had apparently written “f*ck off” in mustard on the sandwich.

Park eventually ate the sandwich, but not before posting a picture of it on Reddit.

“Since my wife will probably read this, [the sandwich] was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS,” Park wrote.

Since the post was added on Monday, it has been viewed over 270,000 times.

Sources: The Huffington PostLifestyle / Photo Credit: Lifestyle

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