These Parents promised daughters weed if they did their chores…

In Tampa Bay, Florida, a 34-year-old mother and 36-year-old father were arrested for incentivizing their daughters with weed to do household chores. Unfortunately, the kids were only 13 and 14 years old, and police weren’t having that. Also, let’s not forget, dude, that possessing marijuana, a psychoactive narcotic, for um, you know, domestic … within the city … that ain’t legal either.

The Smoking Gun obtained a police report which described Joey (above, left) and Chad Mudd (guess who) having offered pot to their kids on at least “five occasions” and said that they considered the smoke a “bargaining tool” to make their kids get off their respective asses and Swiffer the fucking house already. Though chances are they don’t need to Swiffer because their whole home is probably carpeted. Gross.

The Mudds are now looking at felony charges. The mom, faces two counts of child abuse, posted $5,000 bail from Pinellas County Jail. Dad is still in jail and is looking at six counts of child abuse, plus a cocaine possession charge.

Meanwhile it’s the kids who are the real losers, as they are currently in custody of a relative with no stash.

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