Neighbor Shoots Burglary Suspect, Stops Crime Spree


On the 23rd of April, an alert neighbor stopped an ongoing crime spree by shooting a burglary suspect in the leg, allowing police to apprehend the suspect.   While the situation is still under investigation, it appears that the shooting was justified, given the facts reported.   From the Lake Charles Police Facebook page:

Lake Charles PD

Only a small number of criminals are required to commit a large number of crimes.  Reduce the number of criminals, and the number of crimes goes down.  It is not a hard concept to understand.

Burglars are seldom caught in the act by police.  There are simply not enough police to do so.   Burglars are much more likely to be surprised by a homeowner or neighbor.    Most burglars are young males.  In this case the suspect is a juvenile.  They can be particularly dangerous, as they may not have yet learned how little they need fear the criminal justice system.

Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

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