[Photos] New Social Media Threats by ISIS Against London GOV Buildings and Transit…

Threats against London are surfacing on ISIS forums and social channels with supporters of the extremist group sharing images of rifles and other weapons in the seat of a car.

It’s unclear if the threats are legitimate or where the people posting them are located. The accounts disseminating the threats have shared ISIS propaganda in the past. Scotland Yard said was aware of the threats.

The supporters are using the hashtag #LondonAttack. The threats come a week after ISIS-inspired extremists attacked a convention center in Texas where a “free speech” group was sharing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Before that incident, one of the attackers tweeted using the hashtag “#texasattack.”

This is a developing story.

Translation: “Coming soon Coming soon.”

At least one tweet quoted by another Twitter account, whose original writer’s account has since been suspended, alleged the location of the planned attack would be the Covent Garden district in London.


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