Strip Naked With Professor Or Fail The Class, One Mother Outraged [WATCH]

Really! That’s what students at the University of California, San Diego, hear at the beginning of each semester in Roberto Dominguez’s class, and what’s even more surprising is they have been hearing it for 11 years.

As part of the final exam, students are required to strip, naked, in a candle lit room, and “Create a gesture that traces, outlines or speaks about your “erotic self(s).” But just to be fair, the professor is nude, too. So, it’s all good, right?

If that sounds a little wonky to you, you’re not the only one. At least one mom is speaking out against this practices, because it’s not quite what she sent her daughter to college to learn.

A disgusted mother has spoken out against the requirement on local ABC News affiliate, KGTV, after her daughter told her of the final exam.

The mother insists that the requirement is not made clear at the start of the course, and called it a ‘perversion’.

She added that the exam – during which all the students and the male professor strip naked in a candlelit classroom – made her ‘sick to her stomach’.

In addition, if you’re wonder why not just take another class, it’s not exactly a class that can be skipped if you plan to graduate.

The class isn’t just a one-off, elective course that students can skip if they want to. In fact, it’s a prerequisite for the higher level visual arts classes required for several degree programs.

Controversial Times and The Daily Mail contributed to this post.

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