VIDEO: RACIST Journalist Of The Year: Mark Halperin – On Ted Cruz 2016

Here it is. Watch this video and ask yourself the question the rest of the country is asking: “How do these guys make it out of journalism school?”

Mark Halperin has a leading 2016 presidential candidate, on air, and he quizzes him about his Cuban authenticity. Really! No questions on how would you reverse the debt, enhance national security or even his views on immigration. Nope. “What’s your favorite (Cuban) dish?” Brilliant!

Watch the video and see for yourself:

Halperin’s suggestion that Hispanic voters may base their vote solely on the ethnicity of a particular candidate is actually a relative high point of the interview. The next question begins with Halperin telling Cruz that “people are really interested in you and your identity,” before Halperin asks whether Cruz listed himself as “Hispanic” when he applied to college and law school. Over the course of the next five minutes, Halperin demands that Cruz identify his “favorite Cuban food” and his “favorite “Cuban singer.”

Halperin concludes the interview with what appears to be a request that Cruz prove his Spanish-language skills: “I wanted to give you the opportunity to welcome your colleague Senator Sanders to the race and I’d like you to do it, if you would, en Español.”

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