[PHOTOS] Romanian Teen Dies Horrific Death While Trying To Take ‘Ultimate’ Selfie

According to Daily Mail, 18-year-old Anna Ursu has died from her injuries that resulted from trying to take the “ultimate selfie”. While on the roof of a train, the Romanian accidentally touched a live electric wire and burst into flames.

Ursu and a friend went to a train station in the town of Iasi in the northeast of the country to take a ‘special selfie’ that she intended to post on Facebook.

But as she lay on top of the train and stuck one of her legs in the air, an electrical field surrounding the overhead cables sent 27,000 volts zapping through her body, causing her to burst into flames.

Both teens were airlifted to a nearby hospital with Ursu having life threatening injuries which consisted of burns to over 50 percent of her body.

Despite the life saving efforts of medical professionals, Ursu succumbed to her injuries and die while in the hospital. While recovering in the hospital, her 17-year-old friend told investigators that the electrical charge was so strong that she was sent flying off the top when Ursu was electrocuted. She continued by saying they never stopped to think of the dangers associated with being on top of the stationary train.

A passer-by who was aware of the dangers of the live electrical wires claimed to have warned the girls about being on top of the carriage and to keep their head and legs down. Moments later, he heard a loud bang and turned to see Ursu had burst into flames.

A spokesperson at the hospital commented that Ursu hadn’t come in direct contact with the wiring but had interrupted the electrical field which proved to be every bit as deadly.

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