[WATCH] This woman reported husband to police after finding nude photos of his employees on their home computer

Woman reports husband to police after finding nude photos of his employees on their computer

(Scroll down for video) A man attempted to commit suicide after his wife found nude photos of his employees on their home computer.

Paul M. Strebler

By: Wayne Morin

Police have arrested the manager of a pizza shop after his wife reported that she found videos of women changing inside restaurant bathrooms.

According to Twinsburg police, 33-year-old Paul M. Strebler of Tallmadge, Ohio, allegedly recorded women as young as 16 in various states of undress inside the bathroom at Romeo’s Pizza on Ravenna Road.

Strebler worked as a store manager for the business over the last five years and was recently promoted to general manager, giving him access to different Romeo’s Pizza locations.

Police said that up to 15 potential victims including former and current workers of the restaurant came forward to identify themselves.

Police suspect that Strebler may have placed the hidden camera inside a toolbox.

After calling police, Mrs. Strebler called her husband and told him that he was no longer welcomed in their home.

Strebler then fled. He was found sitting on the edge of a section of the Grand Canyon known as “The Abyss.”

Negotiators arrived at the scene and persuaded him to walk off a ledge and turn himself in to police.

Strebler was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was to undergo a mental health evaluation and awaiting extradition to Ohio.


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