5 Facts That Separate the Boys From the Men

5 Facts That Separate the Boys From the Men


There is no magical transformation that happens once you hit 18 that suddenly changes boys into men. In fact, there are many boys who are well over 18, and there are some boys who never become men. Instead, becoming a man is about much more than how many years you’ve been walking the earth. Here are 5 facts that separate the boys from the men. Take some time to consider which one you are.

Financial Responsibility

Men are financially responsible. This is not to say that they make oodles of money and have fancy cars. This is saying that they know how much money they make, and they spend it according to that figure. They don’t have substantial debts and they don’t buy more than they can afford. Boys tend to spend like there’s no tomorrow and rarely plan for the future, which means when something big comes up, they’re likely to end up further in debt.

Personal Responsibility

In addition to being financially responsible, they are also personally responsible with their own life choices. They make wise choices to keep their bodies healthy, and work to keep their minds sharp as well. They are able to make their own decisions and are also willing to ask for advice when they need it. When men make mistakes, they own up to them and work to fix them. Boys refuse to admit when they are wrong and will go to great lengths to avoid having any type of personal responsibility.


Self-control covers a myriad of different aspects, and goes hand-in-hand with personal responsibility. This is also hugely important when it comes to their interactions with others, particularly women. Men not only recognize that they have self-control, but also exercise it and refuse to use being a male as an excuse for their behavior. Boys tend to think that they “can’t help themselves” and will always blame others for their actions.

Socially Responsible

Men understand the importance of their family, and they do everything to help their family whenever they need it. That might mean going to their elderly grandmother’s house to mow her lawn after a long day at work, but a man understands that he needs to step up and be responsible for those who were responsible for getting him to where he is now in life. Boys will whine and complain every time they are asked to do something that takes them away from what they want to do.

Follow Through

Whether in making personal promises or participating in important projects at work, men understand the importance of doing what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it. Simply put, a man will give his word and stick to it because he understands how important a good reputation is. Boys regularly make promises that they never intend to keep and are unreliable.

So, which one are you?

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