Obama Takes Action On Police Militarization, Reducing Military-Style Gear Used By Police Departments

ferguson-policePresident Obama is taking action to demilitarize the police, with an announced ban today on the use of federal funds to provide certain military-type equipment to local police forces.

The president is going off findings from the task force on policing he put together months ago, following the events of Ferguson, where many expressed their concerns about the police use of such equipment only hurt the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

According to The New York Times, the new federal proposal will keep local police from acquiring “armored vehicles, the highest-caliber firearms and ammunition, and camouflage uniforms.”

Police militarization is an issue that both liberals and conservatives have expressed serious problems with, and so the report released today (coupled with the president’s expected remarks in Camden) might come as a welcome change to both sides.


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