Ferguson Announces Permanent Memorial To Honor Thug Mike Brown

Michael Brown will receive a permanent memorial in Ferguson, the town’s mayor announced today.

Residents set up a makeshift memorial to Brown in the hours following his death, and it was soon burned to a crisp:


Then, a memorial tree was planted for Brown last month and soon thereafter it was chopped down. Now, Mayor James Knowles said a permanent memorial consisting of a plaque and a dove will be presented in his memory.

Somehow, I doubt the store manager that Brown assaulted only moments before he brutalized Officer Darren Wilson thinks of him as being worthy of such a memorial.

St. Louis journalist Jason Rosenbaum tweeted out a picture of what the memorial looks like:



Brown was, of course, justifiably shot after brutally attacking Officer Darren Wilson last August.

In my opinion, this is more fitting as a memorial to Mike Brown:


It says a lot about a community when they memorialize a worthless thug and piece of excrement like Mike Brown. With any luck, perhaps this memorial will meet a similar demise at the previous two.

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