[WATCH] Woman Connects Phone to Smart Board to Show ZOO Trip, Instead Show Naked Photos of Herself…

TULSA, Okla. —

A woman has been banned from a Tulsa elementary school after she showed nude photos of herself to a kindergarten class.

It happened at Owen Elementary School in north Tulsa. The school’s principal sent home a letter to parents.

It starts by saying the principal wants to make parents aware of what happened because parents “will likely hear about it from your child and may get questions from them”.

The letter says a relative of a student showed up unannounced, wanting to share photos she’d taken of zoo animals from the recent class field trip she helped chaperone.

When the teacher hooked up the woman’s cell phone, nude photos of the woman popped up on the class room smart board.

Kristen Ross said her daughter saw the photos. She said her daughter is confused and asking questions.

“I had to convince her that she wasn’t in trouble and that she hadn’t done anything wrong,” Ross said. “I asked her what part of the body she had seen and she pointed down toward her lap”.

Ross is upset this was the after school conversation she had to have with her daughter.

“She should be protected from things like that by her teacher, by her principal,” Ross said.

The woman who shared the photos is banned from school property. Ross wants to school to do more on their end.

“I would like there to possibly be a policy in place to check material before or maybe not hook up personal devices of any kind to school property at all,” Ross said.

In the letter, the principal says she’s extremely sorry for any distress the incident may have caused the children, and that the photos were never displayed full screen.

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