More Sex Scandal Involving Interns In MO Legislature Bubble To The Surface

Just one week after the Missouri Speaker Of The House, John Diehl, resigned from his seat in the House Of Representatives, after admitting participation in a sex scandal with a 19 year old intern, another problem bubbles to the surface involving interns and legislators.

Two interns  were pulled from the legislative intern program last month and a Title IX investigation has ensued regarding sexual harassment. The interns worked in the Democrat Missouri Senator’s office of Paul Levota. Levota is the Senate representative from the Kansas City/Independence Missouri area.

Under the Federal Title IX law according to the St Louis Post:

Title IX is a 1972 federal law that bars discrimination in federally funded education programs on the basis of sex. Often referred to when discussing equal access to opportunities in sports, Title IX includes bans against unequal treatment based on sex, along with sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Levota denies knowledge of any issues regarding the interns:

LeVota, 47, wrote that he was not informed of any problems those interns experienced — from the university or other interns. He had three other interns during the 2015 legislative session.

“I would be open to any university taking a further look at the experience of any of my legislative interns,” he wrote. LeVota declined to answer questions.

Jeff Murphy, university spokesman, would not say why the students left their internship because “the university does not respond to questions about campus investigations.”

More to come as details develop.

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