[WATCH] Police Officer Stops Kids For Being ‘Too Cute’ In Hilarious Clip Gone Viral (Video)

Video showing a police officer pulling over children in a toy car for being “too cute” went viral.

In the clip (below), the uniformed officer approached the two children and proceeded to ask them if they knew why he pulled them over.

“Because we’re too cute,” the girl in the passenger’s seat exclaimed.

“What are you, a bunch of wise guys? Why aren’t y’all bucked up?” the officer replied. “Mind your business,” the girl said in response.

The officer then requested to see the kids’ drivers licenses.

“He has no backup,” the girl yelled. “Floor it!”

The kids then drive away as the officer chases them on foot down a dirt path.

The officer in the clip, Roanoke, Virginia, Officer Kenny Bowman, said he originally made the video with his children to send to friends and family. Bowman said he hopes, now that the clip has gone viral, that it sends a message to others about police officers everywhere.

“The other side of the badge I guess you could call it, we all have families just like most people do,” he said. “Show them who you are. Just let people know you can come talk to us about anything. Let us know what’s going on in your neighborhood. See if we can help out. ”

Watch the adorable video below.

Sources: WTVRYouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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