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Ferguson Announces Permanent Memorial To Honor Thug Mike Brown

Michael Brown will receive a permanent memorial in Ferguson, the town’s mayor announced today. Residents set up a makeshift memorial to Brown in the hours following his death, and it was soon burned to a crisp: a Then, a memorial tree was planted for Brown last month and soon thereafter…

Texas Shows Us How To Correctly Deal With Islamic Terrorists – KILL’EM

This is TEXAS, not France! After the shooting near Dallas, ISIS immodestly tweeted: “They thought they were safe in Texas from Soldiers of The Islamic State.” As it turned out, their overconfident boasting was premature.

[PHOTO] Help Identify The Baltimore Rioter Who Slashed Firehouse, Endangering Firefighters

A young man who cut a fire hose Monday as firefighters attempted to save a CVS may now be identified. As reported by The Daily Caller, CNN cameras caught the sabotage of the fire department’s equipment by a rioter wearing a gas mask who slashed the department’s hose with a knife.

Chicago, A Shining Example of Gun Control, Had 42 Shot Over Weekend–Including an 81-Year-Old Grandmother

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you can’t fix stupid’ and that couldn’t be more apparent with Rahm Emmanuel’s draconian gun laws. Over the weekend of May 15th through the 17th, a total of 42 people were shot and that included an 81-year-old grandmother while she was at a memorial for her deceased daugh…

[PHOTO] Here’s The Arkansas Billboard That Has Local Citizens Outraged

The billboard includes a picture of a little girl with a puppy and the message, “It’s NOT racist to ♥ your people.” Also included is the phrase “love lives here” and the website

Charges Dropped Against Veteran Who Shattered Car Window To Save Dog

According to Monday’s 11 Alive News, charges against the military veteran, who broke out a car window in Athens, Georgia, to save a dog, have been dropped. Western Judicial Circuit District Attorney Ken Mauldin confirmed that charges against Michael Hammons had been dismissed.

[PHOTOS] Here Are The Mugshots of The 3 Black Thugs Who Killed Two Mississippi Cops After A Traffic Stop

Can anyone recall what happened when Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson was acquitted in the death of Mike Brown after he was viciously attacked while sitting in his police cruiser? Riots broke out and even his parents were caught on video screaming burn this motherf*cker down! Ca…

GUNS: The Difference Between Garland Texas & Paris Terrorist Attacks

When armed terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo headquarters over Muhammad cartoons on January 7 2015, unarmed police officers were forced to flee for their lives.

This Marine Took Matters Into His Own Hands To Stand Up Against Terror On U.S. Soil And Inspired A Town To Do The Same

Since the Garland attack, the country, and the state of Texas, has been more than a bit on edge by this Islamic aggression on U.S. soil. In fact, this Marine is fed up with the idea that terrorists can pull that kind of _ _ _ _ in his country, or in Texas! So, he decided to stand up and do somethin…

Chuck Norris: “Obama Has Literally Helped Build The Environment For The Apocalypse”

Chuck Norris, who warned of “1,000 years of darkness” if President Obama won his 2012 re-election campaign, writes today that “Obama has literally helped build the environment for the Apocalypse, as defined by both Muslims and Christians.

THE AWKWARD MOMENT When Cops Shoot White Thugs, And No One Riots or Sets The Town On Fire

On Sunday, a biker brawl erupted at the Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas, that left nine bikers dead and 18 injured. Believe it or not, the incident is drawing responses from liberal media outlets that claim the bikers are being treated differently from inner-city rioters because they’re white.

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