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Defense Training International, Inc

“No Guns Allowed” Signs:

In Washington DC, and numerous other places where “shall-issue” CCW laws are finally coming into effect, many among the chronically fearful, “only-criminals-should-have-guns” crowd have made it a campaign to encourage retail businesses to post “no guns allowed”signs on their doors and windows.

The purpose is, of course, to make concealed carriers of guns feel ostracized and unwelcome, thus discouraging the practice. I’m sure armed-robbery suspects will “feel bad” too!

These are the same naive, adolescent buffoons who interminably predicted a “bloodbath” when “shall-issue” CCW laws were first passed. When the “bloodbath” for which they were fervently hoping never materialized (in fact, violent crime sharply when down), they, of course, invariably developed amnesia!

Curiously, the only places where violent crime is increasing are the very places (mostly rotting, godforsaken inner-cities) where gun-ownership and going armed are severely restricted, at least among the few law-abiding who remain. Violent criminals, naturally, never give a thought to such restrictions.

Funny thing: violent criminals don’t pay much attention to “no-guns-allowed” signs either!

So, what to do?

The only correct course of action with regard to “no-guns-allowed-signs” posted on retail businesses is to ignore them. Our world overflows with signs as it is, and it is thus easy for one to fail to notice them anyway!

When you’re going armed, contrary to posted signs, the only thing a business-owner can do is ask you to leave. When you subsequently depart immediately, there is nothing else he can do.

However, the point is this:

How will he, or anyone else, know? Unless you tell him, or otherwise make a spectacle of yourself, the fact that you’re carrying concealed will be known only to you, and you can thus go about your business undisturbed.

No Guns

Unless the particular business-owner wants to install airport-style metal detectors, and staff them during all business hours, the whole “sign” issue becomes meaningless symbolism, and a moot point, and should be!

As noted above, you can make a spectacle of yourself, and you can loudly and enthusiastically argue the point, when you’re so inclined. For one, I’ m not!

I try to get through my day, conducting my business as normal and necessary, doing my best to be courteous and polite to everyone, but otherwise minding my own business and maintaining a low personal profile.

Of course, while doing all this, I’m constantly armed and ready, but no one else knows, nor do they need to, nor do I think I need anyone’s permission!

“Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company.” ~ Mark Twain


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