Surveillance drones now used to combat college entrance exam cheaters

Surveillance drones now used to combat gaokao cheaters


This year as students in Luoyang city are furiously scribbling away to complete their gaokao, China’s painfully competitive college entrance exam, drones will be flying over their heads to prevent them from cheating.

The unmanned aerial vehicles were tested last Friday afternoon, China Daily reports. They have a one kilometer flight radius and can hover 500 meters above the ground to perform a 360-degree scan, checking for signals from unauthorized electronic devices that students may have smuggled into the testing area.


“Even though this looks a lot like the drones people are now playing with, it’s actually much safer and more stable,” says Bai Yujun, an engineer from the surveillance drone company. “It can stay in the air for half an hour, withstand strong winds, and has an ‘auto landing’ function for special circumstances.” We wonder if it was produced by Xiaomi.

Students of Luoyang, Henan province reportedly make up the largest pool of test-takers in the country, and aside from the anti-cheating drones, strict new rules will also be enforced in the city. This year, the students’ ID materials will be the only items allowed into the exam rooms.

Because test scores determine the students’ placement in a good university and ultimately their success later on, both students and parents are under extreme stress in the time surrounding the gaokao exams. This year’s test will be held on June 7, but many parents have already started praying for their teens’ scores.

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