[WATCH] Jail nurse takes making sammiches to the next level, by surprises in them for her inmate lover…

(Scroll down for video) A jail employee fell in love with an inmate and smuggled drugs into prison for him.

The nurse of Lee county, Florida, was arrested after she was caught smuggling drugs into prison for her lover.

Investigators said that jail nurse Robin Yanda, began a relationship with murder suspect Robert Loveland.

According to officials, Yanda and Loveland shared over 290 phone calls while he was in jail.

Deputies said that the two discussed their love for each other, and also how Yanda could improve her skills in sneaking items into jail.

Yanda is accused of smuggling contraband into prison at least six times.

Investigators said that she hid drugs between two pieces of bread and wrapped it in paper towels to make it look as if she was giving Loveland a diabetic snack.

The couple was exposed after another inmate learned of the bread smuggling tactics and tried to get someone on the outside to smuggle drugs for him in the same way.

However, the person on the outside alerted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Yanda was fired from her job when she was arrested.

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