DNA Test Proves Waiter Spit In Customer’s Drink, Guess What Happens Next?

Gregory Lamica, a Clay, New York Chili’s restaurant waiter, got a little bit of a surprise after his visible agitation with a couple at the restaurant last summer. “They were busy — we understood,” Julie Yerdon said about the incident. “We were patient with him, but we could tell he was annoyed with us. All Ken said to him was, ‘Are you OK? Have we done something to offend you?’ And he said, ‘Oh, no, no.’”

Ken and Julie Yerdon accuse the restaurant and more specifically, Mr. Lamica of poor service.  The couple alleges that their chips were not served and that their vegetables were undercooked.  Upon leaving the restaurant, the Yerdons asked for to go cups for their leftover sodas.  When Mr. Lamica returned, he carried empty cups to place on their table.  Mr. Yerdon then asked for a refill of their sodas.  Mr. Lamica showed very visible signs of agitation and acted extremely annoyed at the Yerdon’s request.

Gregory Lamica Facebook page
Gregory Lamica Facebook page

While driving away from the restaurant, Mr. Yerdon remembers that Lamica would not make eye contact with him upon leaving. He took two sips of his soda then decided he should look in the cup. When he did, he was shocked!

Mr. Yerdon saw spit, saliva, floating on the top of his drink. “I saw the spit in the cup,” he said. “It wasn’t regular spit either. It was definitely a loogie.” After returning to the restaurant, Mr. Yerdon was not satisfied with a refund and vouchers for future meals that were offered to him from the manager on duty.  The Yerdon’s were seeking the termination of the waiter.  “We just felt like he needed to be terminated immediately,” Julie said. “To do something like that was so vile and beyond the pale. We couldn’t believe it.”  Yerdon even confronted Lamica in the parking lot of the restaurant before driving off.

“I said, ‘Why did you spit in my drink?'” he told reporters. “He was bawling. He just kept walking with his apron in his hand and he didn’t answer me. I said to him, ‘You wouldn’t be crying if you didn’t spit in my drink.’ He said, ‘I don’t want to lose my job.’”

Later, the Yerndons called the police relaying their story. Mr. Lamica proceeded to deny spitting in the drink, so the police took a DNA sample.  Three months later, Lamica was charged with disorderly conduct when the DNA sample proved he did, in fact, spit in the drink.

This just goes to show that most things can be proven anymore and maybe, just maybe, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Source: Opposing Views

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