[VIDEO] That White House Fence Jumper Had How Many Weapons in His Car?!

In court documents unsealed today, the government argued that Omar Gonzalez, a mentally ill Iraq War vet and the most notorious of the White House Fence Jumpers, should be sentenced to 21 months in prison for making it inside the executive mansion. As proof, they showed photographs of the weapons they found in Gonzalez’s car, parked less than a mile away from the White House.

According to the Military Times, the cache included “hundreds” of rounds of bullets, machetes, knives, tomahawks, and things we can’t even name. So many weapons. (Sadly, this isn’t the first time Gonzalez was caught by police while carrying an obscene number of weapons and targeting the White House.)

Last September, Gonzalez breached White House security and made it into the first floor of the building, where he was taken down by an off-duty Secret Service agent. The incident, as well as the others from earlier that summer, led to an extensive review of the Secret Service’s internal procedures and the resignation of its director. (Also, a spiky fence.)

Watch below via CNN:


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