Off-Duty Police Officer Involved In Shoot-Out With Robbers At Pizza Shop


A story from the Philly Confidential  is reporting that an off-duty Philadelphia police officer was at the Rising Sun Pizza shop in Lawndale, Pennsylvania, waiting for his Stromboli order when two armed burglars entered the store and demanded money. The two armed men then put a gun to the officer’s head and took $20 from his hands. The suspects then pushed the man to the floor.

When the pair of robbers turned away from the officer on the floor and addressed the 22-year-old shop owner and another employee behind the counter while branding their revolver, the off duty officer grabbed his Glock handgun and identified himself as an officer to the two suspects. A shoot-out ensued with the suspects firing two rounds at the officer from just a couple feet away.

According to Action News 6, as the officer returned fire, one of the suspects was hit. The pair then bolted through the doors, dropping their revolver on the way out. The suspect who was hit by the officer collapsed in the street and was later pronounced dead. The second suspect ran from the scene and is still at large. Philadelphia police Chief Inspector Scott Small notes that the officer is lucky to be alive.

“The detective is extremely lucky that he was not shot, extremely lucky that he was not killed.”

The store owner says her front window is shattered from the bullets and that she captured the whole ordeal on the store’s surveillance cameras.

What do you think of the off-duty police officer’s actions?

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