Teacher who had sex with student gets more prison time after appealing his 30 year sentence

Glenn Davis

A teacher fought his 30 year prison sentence only to get more prison after the appeal.

Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis

43-year-old Glenn Davis of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was a teacher and a coach when he had sex with an underage student.

Davis pleaded guilty to having sex several times with the 15-year-old student over a period of 7 months. He was sentenced to six to 30 years prison.

He appealed the term based on a miscalculation of the sentencing guidelines. The state’s highest court granted his request for resentencing.

However, Judge Dennis Leiber found that during his three years behind bars, Davis had used his family and friends to the send notes to his victim.

The notes with messages was then placed in a parked car near a bar in Byron Center, where the teenage victim would retrieve it.

The father of the victim told the judge that Davis continued to call his daughter several times before he was moved to another prison.

The calls were made after a sentencing hearing in which Davis told the judge how much he regretted his actions against the teen girl.

After hearing the new evidence, the judge added to his prison time and he was sentenced to ten to 40 years in prison up from his six to 30 years behind bars.

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