(VIDEO) Two legged dog takes chicken for a ride on wheelchair

A Chihuahua is becoming an Internet sensation after giving its chicken friend a ride on a wheelchair. screenshot_2992

The two legged Chihuahua and the chicken were both adopted. The unlikely couple since became inseparable.

Penny the chicken and Roo the Chihuahua, were adopted by Alicia Williams, of Duluth, Georgia, and the animals have formed an affectionate bond.

Penny was still a chick when Williams, a science student, saved her from a laboratory.

Williams visited a farm for her science class in college when she realized that Penny was used in an experiment, which had run its course.

She did not want the animal to be disposed, so she adopted it. She later found Roo, the disabled newborn Chihuahua abandoned in a ditch.

Williams believes that Roo was born without its two front legs, and was deemed unprofitable by a breeder and dumped.

Since the rescue, the two animals have become best friends.

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