[WATCH] Family of Slain Boston Terror Suspect: Video Shows Cops as ‘Aggressors’

cvsThe family of Usaamah Rahim, a terror suspect fatally shot by Boston police and FBI last week, said video released by Boston officials yesterday shows law enforcement instigating aggression, not the other way around.

Rahim was being watched by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and was suspected of plotting to behead a police officer. According to the police’s version of events, Rahim approached them in the parking lot of a convenience store brandishing a “military style knife”; after he declined orders to put it down they opened fire, killing him.

Rahim’s family said video of the incident released yesterday does not support the official version of events. Via the Boston Herald:

The Rahim family said in a statement the video “does not show Mr. Rahim as the initial aggressor. Instead, it shows that at least five law enforcement officers approach and surround Mr. Rahim.”

The statement also said, “The video does not show Mr. Rahim possessing, holding or brandishing a weapon of any sort, much less a knife. The video does not show Mr. Rahim plotting, scheming or planning an attack on law enforcement officers. To the contrary, the video depicts Mr. Rahim walking toward a bus stop on the way to work.”

According to the Herald, the ACLU is calling for an independent investigation of the incident.

Watch the video below:


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