Chris Christie: “It Is Not My Fault!” Blames Democrats For New Jersey Gun Laws

In a typical line of statements often made to demean a political opponent, Chris Christie has decided to make sure gun owners know democrats are the problem and not him.  Oh yes, you absolutely read that correctly.  Blame thee, not me-even though Christie is the governor and owns the pen that signs the laws.

The controversial statements made by Christie occurred on June 9 during questioning about gun laws in his state that led to the death of Carol Bowne.  During the speaking event at the Saint Anselm Institute of Politics, Christie said:


“I’m dealing with a Democratic legislature — that’s what New Jersey’s given me. They have a very, very different view of the Second Amendment than I do. But they’re going to have to answer for these things.”

Christie is not confident that any changes will be made to the current New Jersey gun laws, however. Instead of stating the he would ensure no else dies because of gun control in the tyrannical state of New Jersey, Christie said:


“The Carol Bowne situation is going to force more conversation in our state, although I am not confident that it will change.”

It is a little ironic that Christie mentions he can pardon injustices via constitutional fiat, yet he fails to mention the he can lay his pen down and veto laws. The Constitution is a difficult document to Chris Christie, apparently. Yet Christie did say that it is a shame New Jersey is “not yet a dictatorship” because if it was, he would have the power to remove some gun laws, and another shocking twist…. he has previously said he is going to be “strictly enforcing” New Jersey’s gun laws.

So let’s just focus for a moment on Christie’s hypocrisy…oh. We don’t have to, because you all can see it too. I cannot possibly imagine a bigger gun hypocrite in America. At least Feinstein and Obama flat out admit they hate guns and want us disarmed. Thankfully, we can see through this man’s rising pile of dung.

Source: Ammoland

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