[WATCH] Anti-Gun Gabby Giffords Airs New Ad Full Of Lies

Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly will not give up until they have our guns.  Nothing seems to satisfy these insatiable gun grabbing hypocrites. They co-own the gun confiscation…oops…I mean, gun control, wait, no, they call it “gun violence” group called Americans for Responsible Solutions.

ARS just spent over six figures to create a TV ad aimed at the state of North Carolina.  They seek to bring awareness to a law that will effectively repeal North Carolina’s background check for a pistol permit purchase.  There will be two ads that will encourage viewers to oppose House Bill 562, which seek to loosen gun control law through a variety of different measure.

The ad features former longtime Wilson County sheriff Wayne Gay.

“This will make it easier for criminals and the mentally ill to get guns, North Carolina sheriffs know that’s a terrible idea.”

Watch the ad here:

The spokesperson for ARS, Mark Prentice, says that they group is continuing to monitor the progress of the bill and claims they will make preparations to increase their opposition efforts if need be.

Currently, the bill is being worked on to remove the kinks involved with elimination of the sheriff’s background checks for the handgun permit licenses. Grassroots North Carolina is in support of the bill and will continue to fight for freedom against Giffords and Kelly.

More disturbing than the ad itself are the Facebook comments on the News & Observers article.  One states: “Thanks to Gabby and Mark! We can only hope the work of Americans for Responsible Solutions and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America can overcome the insanity of the gun lobby, the NRA, and the GOP controlled NC General Assembly to save lies in North Carolina!”

At the risk of stating the obvious, criminals do not submit to background checks. Criminals will not submit to background checks.  Laws are irrelevant to anyone seeking to break them.  They are simply words on a piece of paper and therefore meaningless without the proper mindset to know right from wrong. I do understand it is virtually impossible to make and anti-gun Nazi see the light, but perhaps by continuing to shine it on those that hold the purses of the anti-gun movement, we can retain and even regain our lost freedoms.

Source: News & Observer

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