Pregnant woman that disappeared hours before scheduled C-Section, Found!

A pregnant North Carolina woman vanished the morning she was supposed to deliver her baby, stumping worried family members who are frantically searching for her.

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Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther, 49, disappeared at about 5 a.m. ET Tuesday morning from her Salisbury, North Carolina, home, an hour before a scheduled C-section, said her daughter, Lauren Lusk.

Lusk, 26, told NBC News that she had spent the weekend with her mom, helping her prepare for the birth of the baby. On Tuesday morning, Bradshaw-Crowther told Lusk to go fill up the car with gas before they set off for the 40 minutes to Charlotte for her delivery.

“When I got back, she was gone. The lights in the house were off, the door was unlocked,” Lusk said.

Bradshaw-Crowther’s car was also missing. Lusk called the hospital where she was supposed to deliver and police checked other local hospitals. She wasn’t at any of them.

Police in Salibury, North Carolina, are asking for the public to help them find Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther, a missing pregnant woman. via Salisbury Police Department

The pregnancy was high-risk, and Bradshaw-Crowther has a medical condition that required her to deliver via C-section, Lusk said.

“She seemed nervous obviously, but more towards the end of the pregnancy, she started getting happier about it. The last few weeks, she was really excited,” she said.

When Lusk left for the gas station Tuesday morning, Bradshaw-Browther was in her pajamas, with curlers in her hair. Her makeup and purse were still in the house after she vanished, but her wallet and cellphone were gone.

“It’s not like her,” Lusk said. “She likes to keep up her appearance.”

Salisbury police did not immediately return a call from NBC News.

But Drew Bradshaw, Bradshaw-Crowther’s brother, said they were still searching Saturday for her and working on a lead.

Lusk said one call was made from Bradshaw-Crowther’s cellphone 20 minutes after she went missing, six blocks from the house. She was spotted at a gas station in Statesville, about 25 miles from Salisbury, and stayed in a hotel there the night she went missing, Lusk said.

The baby’s father hasn’t heard from Bradshaw-Crowther either, and was headed to the hospital when she went missing, Lusk added.



Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther, Lauren Lusk, Amy Bradshaw BeersOn behalf of our family, I can release the following…

Posted by Drew Bradshaw on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Carrie Bradshaw-CrowtherLauren LuskAmy Bradshaw Beers

On behalf of our family, I can release the following statement:

The family of Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther would like to share their sincere appreciation to the overwhelming number of people who so willingly, through kind and caring hearts expended their time, efforts and prayers, to help us locate someone we love dearly. Carrie is presently hospitalized and is receiving much needed medical care. The compassion shown by so many people, many who do not know Carrie, is the same compassion we know Carrie shows to others daily. She is, and has always been a very loving person whose family is her world, and without hesitation, she puts herself second to anyone in need. While it is unfortunate, we no longer expect a new addition to our family and ask for your continued prayers. We respect the HIPPA laws and we feel that releasing any more information should be in Carrie’s discretion after she has the opportunity to heal.

We will forever be thankful for the professionalism shown by the Salisbury Police Department, the officials in Watauga County, the Watauga County hospital personnel, and for the various news agencies that assisted. Our hearts are now with the many missing persons who are still unaccounted for, and the families who have not been as fortunate in finding their loved ones as we were. We thank God for the wonderful people on social media who connected with us, and who we know will continue to share love and support to those in need.

Special thanks to Cynthia, April, Amy, Kathy and all the wonderful staff at LostNMissing, Inc., for all their assistance in setting up a facebook page dedicated to Carrie’s return. We are very appreciative of your support and we can’t thank you enough. God bless you for what you do.

Thank you.


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