Crazy Father Pfleger: Ban ‘High Capacity Magazines’ & ‘Title Guns Like Cars’

AWR HawkinsOn June 11 2015, gun banner Father Michael Pfleger said it is time to “ban high capacity magazines” and to “title guns like cars.”

According to Fox 32, Pfleger was speaking at St. George Catholic Church when he said, “We should ban assault weapons in America. We should ban high capacity magazines in America. We should title guns like cars in America.”

He also discussed his plan for cutting funds to the “gun lobby” by cutting sales for gun companies:

And when the gun manufacturers make less money, the gun lobbyists get paid less money. So that’s why they don’t want responsibility. That’s why they don’t want to stop easy access. Because it’s a business and nobody wants to touch the money. Well, the hell with the money. Life is more important than money.

It should be noted that the “assault weapons” Pfleger wants to ban are already banned in Chicago. It should also be noted that a Virginia Tech review panel that studied the heinous April 2007 attack on that campus determined a ban on “high capacity” magazines “would not have made that much difference in the incident.”

Elliot Rodger proved this in his May 2014 Santa Barbara attack, an attack in which every magazine in his possession held ten rounds or less.

Pfleger’s recent statements came a week after he said the “NRA will pay for the murder” of children in crime-riddled, gun-controlled Chicago.

(h/t Ulysses Arn)

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