[NSFW] Facebook Bans Woman For 30 Days After She Shared Abusive Messages Man Sent Her

When a Australian morning show Sunrise suggested the posting of private celebrity nudes was the victims’ fault, it was too much for writer Clementine Ford, and she said so in a picture on Facebook.


Here’s the post that went along with the pic:

Source: Clementine Ford

Ford got some pretty nasty replies and shared them to call out the asshole who wrote them. The result? Facebook suspended her for 30 days!


As you can probably guess, there’s no indication they suspended the people who actually wrote the hate messages.


Ford went public with what happened, and it started all over again on Twitter. She received more than 1000 messages in a time span of 48 hours, and some were as bad as those she received on Facebook.


Jokes that aren’t really jokes.



And vulgar things such as this…



Fortunately, though, lots of people rallied to her defense.


Including some old friends who posted a tribute to Ford’s original nude shot.


It wasn’t more than a day after Facebook suspended her account when they reversed the decision that shouldn’t have ever been made in the first place. Ford’s original post now has hundreds of thousands of Likes.


Source: Distractify

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