Major U.S. Flag Maker Will No Longer Produce Confederate Flags

confederate-flag1Ever since the Charleston shooting, the Confederate battle flag has been a source of national commotion that has been touched on by media figures and politicians alike.

In the aftermath of Gov. Nikki Haley‘s announcement to remove the flag from atop the South Carolina State house, major retailers from Amazon to Walmart and eBay have been adopting the popular trend of disassociating themselves from the flag’s controversy, promising to no longer sell it or any related paraphernalia. On Tuesday, the manufacturers also got on board when a major U.S. flag maker announced that it will no longer make the old flag of Southern pride.

Reggie VandenBosch, the vice president of Valley Forge Flag, gave a statement saying that the company officially recognized the flag’s controversy as a dark reminder of treason and racial injustice. VandenBosch said that the move was largely a symbolic one, but reiterated its importance, saying “we do not want to continue to hurt people”:

“We hope that this decision will show our support for those affected by the recent events in Charleston, and, in some small way, help to foster racial unity and tolerance in our country.”

VandenBosch said that even with Confederate flags gone, business will barely be affected. it is possible that the flag’s discontinuation will not have a great economic impact for other flag makers either, most flags being made in China and with comparatively small sales numbers to those of the American Flag.


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