[READ] A break up text to end all break up texts!

Is this the breakup text to end all breakup texts?

An 11-year-old girl texted her boyfriend, Joey, after she found out he cheated on her when he went to the park with another girl.

Madi Nickens tweeted pictures of her little sister’s conversation where she called out Joey for cheating.

“Don’t talk to me in middle school. I didn’t even love you,” the little girl said to Joey.

The boy then brought up the time she bought him Starbucks, saying, “well you were the one that bought my Starbucks drink so you obviously loved me a little bit.”

But it looks like that pushed the little girl over the edge.

“Screw you joey,” she said in a text message. “Ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cause your(sic) not on my level.”

The internet is LOVING this girl’s breakup burn.

While the internet may be loving the breakup text, it looks like Nickens’ sister is not happy she shared such a “personal” conversation with everyone.


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